Return of Results

Create and disseminate general clinical trial result summaries

(also known as Lay Summaries or Plain Language Summaries) so clinical trial participants:

  • are informed about the trial results,
  • know their participation is respected and appreciated
  • understand the value of their contribution to science and public health.

More information about previous MRCT Center work on Return of Results can be found here.

Sharing aggregate results may prompt questions about and expectations for sharing of individual results and can help inform the context for interpretation of individual research results. See more below.

Click here to download this fillable Return of Results template and adapt it to your study situation.

Return of Individual Research Results

The practice of returning IRR has been identified consistently by participants as something that is desired and, often, expected. Returning IRR is an important element of participant-centricity and respect.

Health literacy is a critical component of all participant facing clinical research communications across all points of the clinical trial life cycle. Importantly, this includes decisions about individual research results, and their provision and receipt.