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Welcome to the Health Literacy Case Study Library

case study libraryThe MRCT Center has worked with stakeholders around the country to develop case studies and examples showing how health literacy has been integrated into various clinical research settings. Click on the presentations below to learn more about each case and key takeaways that could be applicable to your clinical research activities.

The MRCT Center is continuing to work with our stakeholders to create additional case studies. Check back soon to discover more examples of how health literacy has already been put into action. If you have a case to share, we invite you to contact us.

List of cases on this page:

> Supporting participant research retention using community engagement and health literacy best practices

> Environmental Health Literacy

> How one pharmaceutical company included patient input in clinical trial development

> Health Literate Consent Forms: Collaborating with the IRB

> A Health Literacy Approach to Developing Assent Templates for Pediatric Studies

> Using Health Literacy to Improve Follow-Up Data Collection

Implementing implicit bias exercises for study staff working with African American caregivers of children with autism