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Research participants have a right to understand

research participantsIt is important for the general public and research participants to have a correct understanding of the purpose of research, the role they play as participants, and what they should expect to happen in a clinical trial.

Participants have the right to be given information about clinical research that is designed for their understanding.  And it is the responsibility of the clinical research community to ensure the recipients of information understand what they have been told.

This section of the website includes resources to support research participants:

  • Research Participants’ Bill of Rights
  • Other Resources to Support Research Participants

Research Participants’ Bill of Rights

The Participants Bill of Rights* has been developed especially for people who want to learn more about what to expect when deciding whether to join a clinical research study.

Use this video and the related flyer to raise awareness and educate about clinical research.

*This material was adapted from pamphlets developed by the New England Research Subject Advocacy Group, with contributions from the affiliated universities and academic healthcare centers of member institutions. For more information see:

Other Resources to Support Research Participants

The Harvard Catalyst Research Subject Advocacy Program continues to develop a series of health literate brochures to support participants’ learning about clinical research.

These brochures are useful for discussing the details of research participation with potential and enrolled participants, including risks, benefits, specific procedures, and research protections.

Learn more about their process here:

Below are some examples of topics covered in the brochures, click here to see the full series and download copies.

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