We cannot be silent. Please read the MRCT Center statement on racism. BLACK LIVES MATTER.


The MRCT Center released three new pediatric educational brochures in the series about clinical research topics. Developed by high school and college students, written for 12- to 17-year-olds, reviewed by international youth advisory networks:

What is a Focus Group & Why Should I Join One?
Sensitive Information in Research.
Sharing Your Information (Data) in Research.

The MRCT Center is pleased to announce that the online Health Literacy Training for IRBs is now available! Watch the launch webinar HERE. Find the training resources HERE.

The MRCT Center launched the Equity by Design (EbD) Metrics Framework and User’s Guide, a tool designed to advance organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts; orient users toward potential entry and follow-up strategies; and provide guidepost measures for assessing and reporting on progress. MORE

Focus Areas

Our efforts have resulted in the implementation of best practices, greater transparency, and improved safety for research participants in clinical trials.