Tools & Resources Overview

This section provides more information on ways to apply health literacy to all participant-facing clinical research communications.

While the work of health literacy is not always simple, this content is intended to help raise awareness and boost confidence in your ability to apply health literacy to your clinical research role.

Applying health literacy is an iterative process. Whenever possible, work with experts, and keep building your skillset and knowledge by creating content, testing, revising, and learning along the way.

Use information in this section to integrate health literacy throughout the clinical trial life cycle:

  • recruitment flyers
  • social media outreach
  • consent forms and processes
  • study procedure descriptions
  • participant diaries
  • study follow-up letters and reminder postcards
  • study summaries
  • research conversations

Plain Language

Visualization & Design

Cultural Considerations

Usability Testing

Interactive Techniques

Consent Guide

Case Studies

Education and Training

Return of Results

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