IRB Training – Facilitator

Thank you for your interest in facilitating a health literacy training! 

  • The facilitator should be an individual in a leadership role at your organization (e.g., the HRPP Director, IRB Chair, or senior staff person with facilitation experience).
  • Each IRB member (including the training facilitator) should take the individual Health Literacy training.
  • Facilitators should engage their teams in interactive discussion (using the questions included in the Facilitator’s Guide, and below).
  • IRBs are encouraged to review their internal templates for Health Literacy and use the lessons from this training and the IRB checklist to improve study materials.

The facilitator, having also completed reviewed the health literacy video and completed the reflection questions, should lead a group discussion with the questions provided. These questions are included in the Facilitator’s Guide along with possible responses and reflections to support the group discussion.

  1. What are some ways that IRBs can help promote health literacy in clinical research more generally?
  2. What does your IRB already do to help make participant facing materials clear and understandable?*
    * Note: If you don’t do anything yet, that’s ok!
    – Are there ways you could start?
    – How?
  3. If you already integrate health literacy best practices, what more could you do to include it in your work and reviews? What would that look like in practice?

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