Professional Development for Clinical Research Professionals: Implementation of a Competency-Based Assessment Model

October 21, 2020

Duke University’s Office of Clinical Research has been on the forefront of utilizing the JTF Core competency Framework to define its role descriptions as well as to clearly specify how a clinical research professional can move upwards on their career ladders.  Their recent publication through the Society of Research Administrators International (SRAI), Volume LI, Number 2 explains these processes in detail.  The authors conclude that the utilization of the JTF Framework in this manner has benefited the institution by increasing CRP retention rates and allowed Duke to better understand current competency levels of its workforce.  Duke University’s Office of Clinical Research and their utilization of the JTF Core Competency Framework has been a model for the academic community and their efforts have been utilized by several of the Clinical and Translational Science Award institutions.

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