JTF Core Competency Framework for

Clinical Research Professionals


The Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency (JTF) is an international team of investigators, educators and clinical research professionals that has developed a framework that defines the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for conducting safe, ethical, and high-quality clinical research.

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Clicking on each domain above will show the specific competency statements which detail the core competencies required at the Basic, Skilled and Expert levels.
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The Framework has been utilized to define professional roles and performance evaluations, to define education and training requirements, certification criteria and continuing professional development needs, and to facilitate regulatory compliance, quality improvement and financial status of the clinical research process. MORE

Since its publication in 2014, the JTF Framework has been enhanced to define the competencies at the Basic, Skilled and Advanced Levels.  Most recently, the Framework has been expanded to include competencies which relate to clinical project management and technology-based enhancements to the clinical research enterprise. MORE

RECENT PUBLICATION: The Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency published the JTF Competency Framework in Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, and Vietnamese. Read more



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