Many professionals from across the globe have participated in the development of the JTF Core Competency Framework.  The Core membership is responsible for oversight and continually updating the Framework.  Working Groups are developed as necessary for special projects.

Carmen Aldinger, MRCT Center

Barbara Bierer, MRCT Center

Rebecca Brouwer, Duke University

Esther Daemen, TRIUM Clinical Consulting, Belgium

Matilde Damian, APEIC (Association of Clinical Research Professionals in Mexico)

Howard Fingert, Consultant

Stephanie A Freel, Duke University

William Gluck, Durham Technical College

Jennifer Goldfarb, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Beth Harper, ACRP

Nita Ichhpurani, Consultant (Toronto)

Carolynn Jones, The Ohio State University

Lisa Palladino Kim, Rutgers University

Robert Kolb, University of Florida (CTSA)

Roshan Padbidri, Tech Observer, NJ, USA (formerly: Anidan Group Pte Ltd, Singapore)

Tom Perorazio, University of Michigan (CTSA)

Jean Rowan, Eastern Michigan University

Charles Schmidt, Hospital de Clinicas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Honorio Silva, IFAPP  (International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine) & Rutgers University

Denise Snyder, Duke University

Stephen Sonstein, Co-Chair, JTF

Jose Luis Viramontes, APEIC (Association of Clinical Research Professionals in Mexico)

Allan Wilsdorf, F-CRIN (French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network)

Liz Wool, Wool Consulting Group


Website Manager: Carmen Aldinger, MRCT Center