February 20, 2020

In 2019, the JTF responded to comments from the clinical research community that the Core Competency Framework should include competencies related to clinical project management as well as recognize the need to integrate technology related enhancements to the competencies required for the conduct of clinical research.  Global workgroups were created that developed competencies in these areas.  Once vetted by the JTF and stakeholders, version 3.1 was created and posted to the website.

Click here to download the Leveled JTF Core Competency Framework – Version 3.1

Members of JTF-Clinical Project Management (CPM) Workgroup


Romiya Glover Barry, clinical research professional
Bridget Chapital, clinical research professional
Melanie Gentgall, PRAXIS Australia
Vishal Goyal, Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative
Beth Harper, Clinical Performance Partners, Inc.
Michelle Kelly, Pharmaceutical Product Development
Lisa Marsh, clinical research nurse
Antonio Reyna-Salazar, Asociación de Profesionales Especialistas en Investigación Clínica (APEIC)
Charles Schmidt, Santa Casa Medical School
Denise Snyder, Duke University
America Vega, PPDI
Jose Luis Viramontes, APEIC


Carmen Aldinger, MRCT Center
Nita Ichhpurani, Phase One Forward (Co-Lead)
Lisa Palladino Kim, Rutgers School of Health Professions (Co-Lead)
Roshan Padbidri, Anidan Group Pte Ltd
Stephen Sonstein, MRCT Center
Sarah White, MRCT Center

December 17, 2018

The JTF has expanded the Core Competency Framework to reflect the increase in competency which occurs as clinical research professionals progress in their careers.  The Core Competency statements have been further defined at the Basic, Skilled and Advanced levels to facilitate the use of the Framework for role definitions and upward mobility requirements by the global clinical research enterprise.

Click here to download the Leveled JTF Core Competency Framework