12 articles about building the clinical research workforce

March 22, 2024

The journals Frontiers in Medicine and Frontiers in Pharmacology have recently published 12 articles on the research topic:  Building the Clinical Research Workforce: Challenges, Capacities and Competencies.  The articles cover the following topics:

– Clinical research roles and professionalism
– Clinical research academic education, training and competency development, assessment
– Clinical research professional employment, retention, progression
– Diversity of the clinical research workforce
– Applications and contributions of the JTF Framework
– Clinical research workforce development in the setting of the evolving clinical research paradigm
– Clinical research team science, defining research teams, workforce spectrum

The following articles and an overview of the research topic can be accessed on this website.

Development and implementation of an on-demand competency-based onboarding program for clinical research professionals in academic medicine 

Disseminating for impact: creating curriculum activities for translational dissemination for the clinical and translational research workforce 

Education and training of clinical research professionals and the evolution of the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency

Minding the gaps: assessing and addressing clinical research core competencies across a network of Canadian cancer centres 

Development of an undergraduate certificate in clinical and translational science: improving competence of the clinical research workforce 

A novel cross-institutional college internship program to train future diverse leaders in clinical research with data-driven approaches to assess impact

Enhancing the clinical research workforce: a collaborative approach with human resources

Building our research administrator workforce as our clinical and translational research programs become increasingly complex

The development of a clinical research educational training for community health workers using the joint task force for clinical trial competency framework 

Supporting clinical research professionals through educational innovations

Reimagining the joint task force core competency framework for rural and frontier clinical research professionals conducting hybrid and decentralized trials 

The competency index for clinical research professionals: a potential tool for competency-based clinical research academic program evaluation

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