Publications and Presentations


Self-assessed Competencies of Clinical Research Professionals and Recommendations for Further Education and Training
Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science
Stephen A. Sonstein, Elias Samuels, Carmen Aldinger, Sarah A. White, Barbara E. Bierer
Incorporating Competencies Related to Project Management into the Joint Taskforce Core Competency Framework for Clinical Research Professionals
Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science
Stephen A. Sonstein, Lisa Palladino Kim, Nita Ichhpurani, Roshan Padbidri, Sarah A. White, Carmen E. Aldinger, Barbara E. Bierer
Issues for recruitment and retention of clinical research professionals at academic medical centers: Part 1 – collaborative conversations Un-Meeting findings
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science
Jacqueline M. Knapke, Denise C. Snyder, Karen Carter, Meredith B. Fitz-Gerald, Jessica Fritter, H. Robert Kolb, Mark Marchant, Angela Mendell, Megan Petty, Cherese Pullum, Carolynn T. Jones
Academic medical center clinical research professional workforce: Part 2 – Issues in staff onboarding and professional development
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science
Jacqueline M. Knapke, Michelle Jenkerson, Peg Tsao, Stephanie Freel, Jessica Fritter, Shirley L. Helm, Penelope Jester, H. Robert Kolb, Angela Mendell, Megan Petty, Carolynn T. Jones
Joint Task Force Core Competency Framework Adoption Process at a National Level: A Survey of Ukrainian-Based Clinical Research Professionals
Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science
V. Ye. Dobrova, O. S. Popov, O. V. Shtrimaitis, O. O. Andreeva, O. M. Proskurnia


Communication in clinical research: Uncertainty, stress, and emotional labor
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science
Jade Williams, Robert Kolb
Competency-Based Self-Assessment Tools: A Mixed-Methods Retrospective Analysis of Need
Principles and Practice of Clinical Research
Peter Trinh, Barbara Tafuto, Yasheca Ebanks, Zahra Zunaed, Doreen Lechner
Strengthening the clinical research workforce through a competency-based orientation program: Process outcomes and lessons learned across three academic health institutions
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science
Leslie A Musshafen, Jennifer M Poger, William R Simmons, Alicia M Hoke, Laura N Hanson, Whitney W Bondurant, Jody R McCullough, Jennifer L Kraschnewski
The Competency of Clinical Research Coordinators: The Importance of Education and Experience
Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science
Carlton A. Hornung, Jared Kerr, William Gluck PhD, Carolynn Thomas Jones


The JTF Core Competency Framework: The Pathway to Professional Workforce Development in Clinical Research
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The JTF has developed a Powerpoint presentation that describes the Core Competency Framework and its uses. This presentation can be used for instructional purposes and for training programs.
Acute care research competencies for clinical research professionals
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science
Stephanie Schuckman, Lynn Babcock, Cristina Spinner, Opeolu Adeoye, Dina Gomaa, Timothy Pritts, Brett M. Kisella, Christopher Lindsell, Jacqueline M. Knapke
Impact of implementing a competency-based job framework for clinical research professionals on employee turnover
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science
Marissa Stroo, Kirubel Asfaw, Christine Deeter, Stephanie A Freel, Rebecca J N Brouwer, Betsy Hames, Denise C Snyder
Leveling the Joint Task Force Core Competencies for Clinical Research Professionals
Therapeutic Innovation and Regulatory Science
Stephen A. Sonstein, Rebecca J. Namenek Brouwer, William Gluck, H. Robert Kolb, Carmen Aldinger, Barbara E. Bierer, Carolynn Thomas Jones,
Perceived professional competence of clinical research coordinators
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science, 5(1)
Jay W. Rojewski, Ikseon Choi, Janette R. Hill, Se Jung Kwon, Jasmine Choi, Eunice Kim, Linda McCauley
Professional Development for Clinical Research Professionals: Implementation of a Competency-Based Assessment Model
Society of Research Administrators International (SRAI), Volume LI, Number 2
Christine Deeter, Deborah Hannah, Camila Reyes, Michelle E. Mack, Marissa Stroo, Stephanie A. Freel, Rebecca J. Namenek Brouwer, Heather E. Gaudaur, Andrea L. Doughty, Denise C. Snyder.
Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency (Japanese translation)
Japanese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Kazutaka Shimoda, Hiroshi Watanabe.
Creating and testing a GCP game in an asynchronous course environment: The game and future plans
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science
Carolynn T. Jones, Penelope Jester, Jennifer A. Croker, Jessica Fritter, Cathy Roche, Brian Wallace, Andrew O. Westfall, David T. Redden, James Willig.
Developing a consolidated research framework for clinical allied health professionals practicing in the UK
BMC Health Services Research
Jennifer Harris, Kate Grafton, Jo Cooke


Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency and Clinical Research Professional Workforce Development
Frontiers in Pharmacology
Supplementary Materials
Stephen A. Sonstein and Carolynn T. Jones
The Shared Ethical Responsibility of Medically and Non-medically Qualified Experts in Human Drug Development Teams
Frontiers in Pharmacology
Supplementary Materials
Sandor Kerpel-Fronius, Sander Becker, Jane Barrett, Johan Brun, Roberto Carlesi, Anthony Chan, Luis F. Collia, Dominique J. Dubois, Peter Kleist, Greg Koski, Chieko Kurihara, Luis F. Laranjeira, Johanna Schenk and Honorio Silva
Competency indices to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities of clinical research professionals
International Journal of Clinical Trials
Carlton A. Hornung, Carolynn Thomas Jones, Nancy A. Calvin-Naylor, Jared Kerr, Stephen A. Sonstein, Terri Hinkley, Vicki L. Ellingrod.
Recruit, Train, and Retain the Best: The Implementation of a Competency-Based Clinical Research Workforce Initiative
Clinical Researcher
Rebecca Namenek Brouwer, Deborah Hannah, Christine Deeter, Betsy Hames, Denise Clutter Snyder.
2007 The clinical research operations program: Educating clinical research staff
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science
Peg Tsao, Veronica Haight, Ashley Dunn, Lisa Jackson, Steven Goodman


Inclusion of the Joint Task Force Competency Domains in onboarding programs for clinical research coordinators: Variations, enabler and barriers
Clinical Researcher
Jessica Saunders, Kyle Pimenta, Sally Jo Zuspan, Robyn Berent, Noelle Herzog, Carolynn Jones, Jennifer Kline, Kendra Kocher, Venita Robinson, Bobbe Thomas, Rachel Stanley.
Best practices in social and behavioral research: Report from the Enhancing Clinical Research Professional’s Training and Qualifications project
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science
Susan L. Murphy, Christine Byks-Jazayeri, Nancy Calvin-Naylor, Vic Divecha, Elizabeth Anderson, Brenda Eakin, Alecia Fair, Laura Denton.


Moving from Compliance to Competency: A Harmonized Core Competency Framework for the Clinical Research Professional
Clinical Researcher
Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices
Stephen A. Sonstein, PhD; Jonathan Seltzer, MD, MBA, MA, FACC; Rebecca Li, PhD; Honorio Silva, MD; Carolynn Thomas Jones, DNP, MSPH, RN; Esther Daemen, BSN, PG, PMP, MBA