Pediatric Video Series

The MRCT Center presented a five-part virtual conference series, Advancing International Pediatric Clinical Research, to advance the design, review, oversight, and conduct of global pediatric clinical trials. These videos, shared in the webinars, were produced in collaboration with the International Children’s Advisory Network (iCAN.)

Prioritizing Young People in Research

iCAN, in collaboration with the MRCT Center, produced a three-part video series that showcases young people from around the globe who have been involved in medical care and clinical research. The youth in the videos share some their thoughts on various aspects of what is important about including and listening to young people in clinical research.

Time to Listen

Dr. Gianna ‘Gigi’ McMillan, an academic bioethicist and member of the MRCT Center pediatrics project, recorded in-depth interviews with three young people from India, Spain, and the US to create this 2-part video series, Time to Listen. In part 1, young people share their experience in clinical research and best practice guidance on communicating and conveying information to children and adolescents. Part 2 shows young people’s responses after watching adults discuss the goal of elevating their perspective at an international webinar.