About Us

Funding & Support

The Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard (MRCT Center) is a research and policy center based in an academic, non-profit setting. Since its founding in 2009, the MRCT Center has received financial support from foundations, corporations, international organizations, academic institutions, and government entities. These relationships are vital to the pursuit of our mission, and to public interest, policy and academic goals.

We are committed to autonomy in our work and to transparency in our relationships, both of which are essential to MRCT Center’s continued credibility and success. Our funding model, which includes in-kind donations, gifts and grants, is possible due to the robust and clear policies that govern our association with contributors and that preserve the MRCT Center’s intellectual independence.

Our research and outreach depend substantially on being able to convene and engage stakeholders that span the spectrum of viewpoints; for our research and efforts to have impact, our work must not only be intellectually rigorous, but also fair and impartial.

To that end, all donors, including corporate donors, agree to give their funds fully appreciating that the Center—and its directors—retain responsibility and final control of the content of any products, results, and deliverables. In addition, the terms of any grants are set forth in contracts negotiated between the donor and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and include specific parameters such as budget guidelines, timelines, and deliverables.

We do not accept grants or contributions that limit our ability to engage in projects or carry out research consistent with our organizational mission and values. We do not accept funds at the request of outside organizations unless consistent with our existing research agenda, mission, and overall philosophy.

These policies complement the relevant policies of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Mass General Brigham, and Harvard University. We will continue to review these policies to ensure that we are doing our utmost to maintain the integrity of the MRCT Center, our work, and our community.