About Us

How We Work

The MRCT Center acts as an independent convener bringing together industry, academia, patients and patient advocacy groups, non-profit organizations and national regulatory agencies. We employ a defined and deliberative process to achieve ethical, actionable, and practical solutions.

Identify Initiatives

Projects are selected by:

  • Well-defined, actionable deliverables within a defined timeline
  • Global Impact
  • Expertise within our stakeholder base

Form Working Groups

Multi-stakeholder teams are selected to include:

  • Global diversity
  • World class experts
  • Enthusiastic leaders
  • Patients and participants

Craft Solutions

Project solutions are developed by working groups considering:

  • Accepted ethical standards
  • Real world practicality
  • Actionability
  • Utility
  • Scalability
  • Long term sustainability

Pilot Solutions

Project solutions are:

  • Piloted by our sponsor organizations and collaborators
  • Disseminated
  • Incorporated into organizational workstreams and policies
  • Evaluated and revised, as appropriate

Implement & Adopt

Project solutions are implemented through:

  • Training programs conducted by the MRCT Center, our stakeholder organizations, and collaborators
  • Engaging with communities to enable adoption
  • Utilization of our tool

Disseminate & Communicate

The MRCT Center:

  • Disseminates guidelines and practices via our website and other communication channels including social media, podcasts, and blogs
  • Presents concepts and solutions at national and international conferences and meetings
  • Publishes articles in professional journals
  • Deploys a communication strategy through larger multi-stakeholder efforts

Revise & Improve

Deliverables are revised and improved, based on:

  • Updated and revised rules, regulations, templates
  • Feedback from stakeholders
  • Experience from using the proposed solutions