About Us

Our Focus Areas

The MRCT Center has four primary areas of focus that address pressing issues in multi-regional clinical trials.

Clinical Trials & Research

Tackling critical issues in the ethics, design, conduct and oversight of clinical trials to maximize safety and rigor, we develop practical and pragmatic guidance, resources and tools.

Capacity Building

Promoting convergence of local requirements and internationally accepted best practices, we work with country-specific and local stakeholders to develop culturally-relevant solutions including  training, policy development and support to regulators, research ethics boards and clinical research personnel. 

Quality & Transparency

Engaging the participant in understanding clinical trial and data solutions, we seek to improve the quality of clinical trials and trial reporting, leading to increased transparency in and value of clinical research.

Patients & Participants

Supporting and preparing individuals considering participation in clinical research, the MRCT Center provides educational materials to various audiences, including participants, friends/family members, health proxies, parents/guardians, and children.