Clinical Research Glossary

purpose purpose

What the study is testing.

Example of purpose in a sentence

The purpose of research is to answer a scientific question.

More Info

The consent form always includes a description of the purpose of the study.

The purpose is also described in the protocol.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You might hear about the “purpose” of the study when you are talking to the study team and deciding if you want to join a study or not. The purpose is also required to be stated in the consent form for you to read and review.

If you are not clear about the purpose of the research study, you should get clarification from the study team before deciding if you want to consent to join. You can always ask for more information about the purpose from the study team.

An icon consisting of a circle with a magnifying glass, ruler, pencil and a sheet of paper with a graph on it. This icon represents all the concepts related to what the study is designed to find out.
This graphic represents concepts related to what a study is designed to find out.

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