Clinical Research Glossary

objective objective


A purpose or goal of a study.

Example of objective in a sentence

The research objective is the scientific question to be answered by the study.

More Info

The study protocol always includes the objective(s) of the research.

For example, an objective could be to find out whether a study treatment causes a certain symptom to get better.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You might see the word “objective” in the consent form or study protocol. You could also hear about the objectives when speaking with the study team.

The objective of the study refers to what the study is trying to find out. If you participate in a study you should undertsand the objective and ask the study team any questions you might have.

An icon consisting of a circle with a magnifying glass, ruler, pencil and a sheet of paper with a graph on it. This icon represents all the concepts related to what the study is designed to find out.
This graphic represents concepts related to what a study is designed to find out.

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