Clinical Research Glossary

consent form consent form


A document used to explain the planned research before a person decides whether or not to join a study.

Example of consent form in a sentence

A person signs the consent form when they choose to take part in a study but only after they understand the information.

More Info

A consent form for a research study explains the research, potential risks and benefits, and all the details of a study. The consent form also includes information about other treatment options, the rights of participants, and the rules that the researchers need to follow.

A consent form can be on paper or an electronic document.

Other info to think about when joining a study

Most clinical research studies require a person to read and sign a consent form. A member of the study team should explain the study in detail and answer any questions you have.

You can ask for and keep a copy of the consent form from the study. Take the time to get your questions answered if anything is unclear so you understand what you will have to do during the study and how long the study is. Even after signing a consent form to join a study, remember you can withdraw from the study too. Just make sure to discuss with the study team so you can leave the study safely.

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