Clinical Research Glossary

rationale rationale

The reason why a study, or something in a study, is being done.

Example of rationale in a sentence

A well-planned research study includes a clear rationale for why the study is necessary and important.

More Info

The study rationale explains why the study is important and why the study question must be answered. It can include background information, study details, and relevant justifications.

A study without a strong rationale might not be worth doing.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You might see the rationale for why a research study is done a certain way being described in the study protocol or consent form.

It can be helpful to learn more about the rationale of the study before agreeing to participate. Feel free to ask the study team questions about the background of the study and why it is being conducted.

An icon consisting of a circle with a magnifying glass, ruler, pencil and a sheet of paper with a graph on it. This icon represents all the concepts related to what the study is designed to find out.
This graphic represents concepts related to what a study is designed to find out.

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