Clinical Research Glossary

hypothesis hypothesis


An idea that is tested in a research study.

Example of hypothesis in a sentence

The hypothesis in a research study is tested to see if it is true or not.

More Info

A hypothesis is sometimes described as an educated guess, idea, or question that is a starting point for research. The hypothesis is usually presented as a statement that is tested during the research.

For example, a research study may have the hypothesis that one treatment causes fewer side effects than another. The study would be designed to test whether that is true.

Other info to think about when joining a study

The word “hypothesis” may be used in discussions about what researchers are trying to learn through the study. You may see this word in the title of the study you are thinking of participating in or in the background information

You may also hear the study team talking about testing their hypothesis through the research. The word “hypothesis” can also appear in publications about the statistics and data collected from the study.

You can always ask the study team about the hypothesis that is being tested through the research.

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