Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Clinical Research: Guidance Toolkit & User Guide: Study Design, Conduct and Implementation

Toolkit & Users Guide

Developed on: August 2020

Developed by: MRCT Center Diversity Workgroup

Study Design Logic Model (PDF)
Study Design Logic Model (Editable PDF)
Study Design Key Performance Indicators (PDF)
Screen Failure Tracking Log (PDF)
Screen Failure Tracking Log (Word Doc)
Eligibility and Enrollment Log (PDF)
Eligibility and Enrollment Log (Word Doc)
Site Selection Logic Model (PDF)
Site Selection Logic Model (Editable PDF)
Site Selection Key Performance Indicators (PDF)
Feasibility Decision Tree (PDF)
Feasibility Questionnaire Modification Checklist (PDF)
Recruitment Strategy Document Template (PDF)
Recruitment Strategy Document Template (Word Doc)
Recruitment Strategy Logic Model (PDF)
Recruitment Strategy Logic Model (Editable PDF)
Recruitment Strategy Key Performance Indicators (PDF)
Recruitment Contingency Action Plan (PDF)
Participant Time Commitment Model (PDF)
Recruitment, Conduct, and Retention Logic Model (PDF)
Recruitment, Conduct, and Retention Logic Model (Editable PDF)
Recruitment, Conduct, and Retention Key Performance Indicators (PDF)

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