MRCT Center 2020 Annual Meeting

MRCT Center 2020 Annual Meeting

MRCT Center 2020 Annual Meeting

Welcome to the 2020 MRCT Center Annual Meeting. We were delighted to have Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath, President and CEO of Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) as our keynote speaker. Please find the agenda and speaker biographies. Thank you to all of our speakers.

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MRCT Center 2020 Impact Report

We invite you to read the MRCT Center 2020 Impact Report.  Read about our year in review and learn about project updates and achievements.

Diversity in Clinical Research

In August 2020, the MRCT Center released Achieving Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Clinical Research, a guidance document with accompanying Toolkit. The Guidance Document provides a comprehensive overview of the scientific and ethical importance of, and challenges in, diverse inclusion in clinical research. The guidance document and toolkit are available online or in print. Learn more about our work and the guidance document from our website and webinars.

Promoting Global Clinical Research In Children

The Promoting Global Clinical Research in Children project is mid-flight and actively working on an array of deliverables to support various aspects of promoting a harmonized approach to the conduct of global pediatric clinical trials. One activity is developing a suite of educational materials for youth (age 12-17 and ultimately younger children as well) to address a gap in existing information. The suite of brochures is intended to provide youth a foundation for conversations with researchers and staff, their doctors, family members and others. The first is the Assent to Consent brochure, developed for individuals who turn the age of a legal adult while enrolled in clinical research.

Health Literacy

Clear research communications are more important than ever and 2020 was the year we were able to put health literacy best practices into action.  The pandemic presented a unique opportunity for the MRCT Center to create introductory educational materials for patients, caregivers and the public to review when deciding whether to take part in COVID-19 research studies. Selected as a finalist in the Clear Mark Award 2020 COVID-19 category, the suite of introductory research flyers was recognized with an Award of Distinction by the Center for Plain Language.

MRCT Center 2020 Dissemination

A list of publications and selected presentations the MRCT Center has contributed to over this past year are available.