Improve Diversity in Clinical Trials

The Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center is proud to announce the release of the “Achieving Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Clinical Research”, a comprehensive Guidance Document aimed to clarify the importance of, advance the goals of, and provide practical and applicable ways to improve diverse representation of participants in clinical research. Led by a diverse group of stakeholders, the time has never been so critical for a guidance document such as this.  We appreciate this work is only the beginning and that the recommendations and tools are living documents requiring iterative development and improvement. We hope the work inspires innovation and forward momentum to achieve diversity, inclusion and equity in clinical research.

We invite you to explore the Executive Summary of the “Achieving Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Clinical Research” Guidance Document. The entire Guidance Document and the Toolkit is available for download here:


Many have asked us to make this document available now, knowing that some ‘finishing touches’ remain. Two interdependent factors have prompted the urgency to publish: (1) the present focus on issues of diversity has underscored the lack of diversity in clinical research, and (2) the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the increased incidence and severity of disease on Black, Latinx, Pacific Islander, and some vulnerable populations. And yet, clinical trials directed to treat and prevent COVID-19 have under-enrolled those that are disproportionately affected. The confluence of issues has inspired academic, industry, and other organizations – and patients and the public – to engage in finding approaches to increase diverse representation and equity in clinical research. We hope this guidance document will help with that effort. And while it will take time to achieve, we hope that our collective actions every day, day after day, will lead to sustained and lasting change.

This work is dedicated to all the individuals who have volunteered to participate in clinical trials to advance knowledge and improve human health. This work is also dedicated to all the individuals who have been underserved and underrepresented in research, for whom science and society have failed.

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