Clinical Research Glossary

registry (study) registry (study)


An organized list of research information.

Example of registry (study) in a sentence

A clinical trial registry is a place to search for research studies.

More Info

Organized lists of information are valuable to research so many types of registries exist.

A medicine or research registry has many different types of information for different uses.

One example is a clinical trial registry which can include information about research studies that are planned, enrolling, or completed. Some registries also include research results.

A patient registry might be set up by a hospital or health system to allow their community members to express interest in volunteering for research so they can be contacted for participation when a new study is being offered.

A disease registry, like a cancer registry, is a resource to hold specific information about people with a certain disease. Some disease registries allow those who are registered to indicate they are interested in research. Some disease registries just allow researchers to conduct research using the information in the registry.

Other info to think about when joining a study

Before you consent to join a research-related registry, you may want to find out more about what information about you will be collected, how your information will be used, and how your privacy will be protected.

There are also other types of registries too that don’t include any of your personal information

For example, some studies that are funded with money from the USA government are required to post information about the study and its results on a research registry called You may see a reference to in the consent form if the study team plans to release the overall study results there.

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