Clinical Research Glossary

results (study) results (study)


Findings from the study.

Example of results (study) in a sentence

The final results of the study are only available after all data are analyzed.

More Info

Study results are based on the data that were collected, analyzed, and interpreted in the study.

An example of a study result is learning that yoga can decrease low back pain.

Study participants can ask for the research results. Results can be shared in several ways: In a journal article, in a study summary for participants, or in other types of communication.

Other info to think about when joining a study

The term “results” may appear in publications after the trial is completed and the study team has used the data collected to come out with their findings.

You can ask if and how the study team will share results with you when the study ends. If they will share, you can ask if you will get your individual information or if it will be a summary of the overall findings.

You can also ask if this information will be shared with your regular doctor.

In general, because research studies can take a long time to complete, it may take a while for study results to be finalized and shared. Feel free to ask about when the study team thinks the final study results will be ready.

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