Clinical Research Glossary

platform trial platform trial


A research study that tests and compares two or more study treatments for a disease or condition, with study treatment groups being added or removed during the study period.

Example of platform trial in a sentence

A platform trial is an efficient way to compare many study treatments at the same time.

More Info

A platform trial is a type of randomized controlled trial (RCT). It is sometimes called a Master Protocol. This is because a platform trial uses Master Protocol to test the different study treatments in the same way, using the same design.

A platform trial is done to compare multiple treatments or interventions by comparing them against each other and a control.

This is a way to do research more efficiently with fewer patients to find an answer. As a platform trial progresses, the research team may add new study treatments to compare and remove ones that are not working or have too many adverse events.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You may hear about platform trials when you are learning about different types of study designs.

If you are unsure about what it means for a research study to be a platform trial, you should ask a member of the study team to clarify any of your questions.

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