Clinical Research Glossary

study intervention study intervention


A treatment given to the participants in a study

Example of study intervention in a sentence

If a research study includes an intervention, it means participants will test something to see its effects.

More Info

A study intervention can be a treatment of a disease or condition or include ways to change behavior, attitudes, and maintain or improve health. For example, a study might test whether giving participants a step counter leads to weight loss.

Other info to think about when joining a study

The study team or the consent form might mention the term “study intervention.”

When you are learning about a clinical trial you should be given information about the study intervention which could be something you take (like a medicine) or do (like yoga) during the study to see if it has any effect.

You can always ask for more information about the study intervention the research is testing. You may also want to ask about the background of the study intervention and any prior research that was done that led to the researchers starting a new study.

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