Clinical Research Glossary

basket trial basket trial


A research study that tests one study treatment for different diseases and conditions.

Example of basket trial in a sentence

A basket trial is done to see whether a study treatment can work for multiple different conditions that have something in common.

More Info

A basket trial is a type of platform or master protocol study.

A basket trial is done to find out whether one drug can treat multiple diseases.

A basket trial enrolls patients with different diseases that have something in common.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You may hear about “basket trials” when you are learning about different types of study designs.

If you are thinking of joining a “basket trial” it means the study will be trying to find out if one treatment could help with a few different diseases or conditions.

If you are unclear what it means for a research study to be a basket trial, you should ask a member of the study team to clarify any of your questions.

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