Clinical Research Glossary

single-blind study single-blind study


A study that is set up so that the study treatment each participant receives is not known by the participants but is known by the researchers.

Example of single-blind study in a sentence

A participant in a single-blind study will not know which study group they are in, but the study doctor will.

More Info

Some studies are single-blind because participants knowing which treatment they are getting can affect the results of the study, through a concept called bias.

Bias can occur when participants know which study group they are in.

Participants can ask to find out which study treatment they received after the study ends.

Other info to think about when joining a study

The term “single-blind study” refers to how a study was designed. This means that the researcher will know what study treatment each participant received but the participant won’t.

You can always ask the researchers why the study is done as a single-blind study. You could also ask if and when you will find out what study treatment you were given.

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