Clinical Research Glossary

randomization randomization


A way to use chance to place study participants into different study treatment groups.

Example of randomization in a sentence

Study randomization is often done using a computer program to decide which group a participant is put into.

More Info

Randomization helps make sure the study groups are similar so they can be compared against each other at the end of the study. This is a way to avoid bias.

Every participant has a chance to be put into one of the study groups. No one can choose which group a participant is placed in, because it is done by a computer program.

Other info to think about when joining a study

Randomization is a common way that is used for participants to be assigned to different treatment groups. You might see the term “randomization” in the consent form or other study materials. Randomization means that you can’t chooses which study treatment you will get. The study treatment is chosen by chance, like pulling names out of a hat.

If you are unsure, you should ask if randomization will happen in your study. You can also ask for more information about how the randomization will be completed.

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