Clinical Research Glossary

primary endpoint primary endpoint


A study measure that is used to answer the main research question.

Example of primary endpoint in a sentence

The primary endpoint is the main purpose of the study.

More Info

A primary endpoint is how the main research question will be answered. A study is designed to assess the primary endpoint. A study may also have secondary endpoints.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You may see the concept of the “primary endpoint” written about in the consent form or hear about it from the study team. Additionally, if you visit a research study registry (like you may see studies describe primary and secondary endpoints. The primary endpoint is the main thing the study is measuring.

If you are enrolling in a study and have any questions about what the main goal of the study is, please ask the study team.

After a research study is done and publications are released, you may also read about different types of endpoints.

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