Clinical Research Glossary

negative test result negative test result


A test result that shows a person does not have what was tested for.

Example of negative test result in a sentence

A negative COVID test means that the person most likely does not have COVID.

More Info

A negative test result for a disease, condition, genetic marker, or biomarker means that a person likely does not have the condition being tested for.

A “false negative” means that the test incorrectly found someone to be negative when they are actually positive. Tests try to reduce the number of false negatives.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You may see the term “negative test result” in the context of study screening or a study procedure. You may want to ask if you will get the test result and if yes, how long it will take for the results to be ready. If you have any questions about this test result you should discuss with the study team.

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