Clinical Research Glossary

screening screening


Tests and questions to find out if a person can join a study.

Example of screening in a sentence

Screening is done before a person joins the study to see if they meet the study requirements.

More Info

Researchers review inclusion and exclusion criteria as part of the screening process to make sure the participants are eligible to join a study.

Screening for research often includes an interview, reviewing a person’s medical history, a physical examination, and laboratory tests to learn about the potential participant’s health.

There is also screening that occurs outside of research like having a yearly breast cancer screening and colonoscopies.

Other info to think about when joining a study

“Screening” is a word that is commonly seen in consent forms. There may be some screening questions and medical tests you will complete to see if you meet the study eligibility criteria.

You can ask what kind of screening the study team will have to do before you can join the study.

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