Clinical Research Glossary

compliance compliance


Following research requirements.

Example of compliance in a sentence

Compliance with research rules and instructions improves the quality of a study.

More Info

Compliance in research refers to following regulations and guidelines about research. Researchers must be in compliance with research requirements and follow the approved protocol.

Compliance also applies to participants who should follow study procedures.

The words ‘adherence‘ and ‘compliance’ are often used in the same way.

Other info to think about when joining a study

The consent form may say that the study team could remove you from the study if they notice your participation does not meet compliance requirements. Feel free to ask the study team for assistance is you are struggling with compliance due to issues such as lack of transportation, a reading disability, or just using new technology as part of the study. Keep the study team updated so they are aware of your situation.

Both the researchers and participants need to be compliant with guidelines and protocols when they are taking part in the research. The study team will tell you that there are certain things you must do to be part of the research study. Following these rules means you are compliant with the study procedure.

If you are unsure of what you should be doing during the study, ask the study team for more information.

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