Clinical Research Glossary

benefits of a research study benefits of a research study


The ways a research study might help the participant and others.

Example of benefits of a research study in a sentence

Learning about the possible benefits of a research study can help someone decide whether or not to enroll.

More Info

Research studies may have benefits for individuals and/or society. For example, a personal benefit of being in a research study might be regular health checks. A benefit to society may be helping future patients or the public, even if an individual participant does not directly benefit. Participants may not have any benefits from being in a research study.

Other info to think about when joining a study

The consent form will include information about whether or not there will be direct benefits to you if you participate in a research study.

You should ask about more details of the benefits of the research, if there are any. You can also ask about the risks of participating in the study.

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