The Clinical Research Glossary: Public Review

The Clinical Research Glossary: Public Review

June 7 – July 5

Public Review is a Critical Part of the Clinical Research Glossary process.

  • Part of being a CDISC global plain language standard means all new terms and definitions, plus change requests we received throughout the year, go through a public review process.
  • Public Review of the Clinical Research Glossary happens every June.
  • After definitions are developed by the Clinical Research Glossary team, Public Review ensures the definitions get an extra review by people who were not involved in the project. This helps us be more confident that the definitions are clear and easy to understand.

Send us your feedback using the MRCT Center Public Review process.

  • The MRCT Center’s process uses a simple survey to collect feedback.
  • This process will not require reviewers to create an account, but we do ask for name, organization and email address. Collecting this information allows us to validate the entry and follow-up with each person to let them know how the comment was addressed.
  • You can send us feedback on already posted definitions all year round and suggest new words for us to consider whenever you want. Click here to contact us.

The CDISC Public Review process is also an option if you know how to use JIRA

  • CDISC’s Public Review process uses Wiki JIRA.
  • This works great if you already have a CDISC login and are familiar with the process. Individuals will need to create accounts to provide comments via JIRA.

CDISC has kindly provided video instructions here.

  • You can access the CDISC Wiki JIRA public review page here.

Help us spread the word about how to participate in Public Review

We have created a Media Kit, including social posts, email/newsletter language, and a PowerPoint presentation, to help you get the word out. We appreciate your help in amplifying this important work within your networks.