Advancing International Pediatric Clinical Research: Informing the Future from COVID-19 Lessons Learned


Presented on: October 6 & 7, 2021

Presented at: Advancing International Pediatric Clinical Research webinar series: Assent and Consent in the Field: Culture, Context, and Respect

The first conference in the series was a three-hour webinar that focused on applying lessons learned—those sustained and those abandoned– during the COVID-19 pandemic to future work with children in clinical trials.

We invite you to browse the Day 1 & Day 2 speakers’ brief biographical details.

Each keynote speaker was followed by two moderated panel discussions to:

  1. Deliberate the appropriateness and timing of initiating trials in children, and the different age groups within the broad scope of “children,” using lessons learned from COVID-19 and applying that learning to future pediatric trials.
  2. Address infrastructure, both new and adaptations to existing structures, needed to conduct efficient and ethical pediatric clinical trials on a global scale.

This project is supported by the FDA (R13) Scientific Conference Grant Program.

Day One

Day Two

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