Launch Of Equity By Design (EBD) In Clinical Research: The EBD Metrics Framework

Webinar Presentation

Presented on: June 30, 2022

Presented at: MRCT Center webinar and public launch, “Equity by Design (EbD) in Clinical Research: The EbD Metrics Framework”

Dr. Barbara E. Bierer moderated this webinar, in which MRCT Center Program Manager Dr. Willyanne DeCormier Plosky introduced the background and structure of EbD Metrics Framework and panelists Yasmeen Long (Faster Cures, Milken Institute) and Dr. Rodrigo Garcia (PPD, Thermo Fisher Scientific) discussed their experiences in testing and utilizing it.

The EbD Metrics Framework is a tool developed by the MRCT Center in collaboration with colleagues from professional, trade, academic, regulatory, and patient advocacy organizations. It is designed to advance organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts; orient users toward potential entry and follow-up strategies; and provide guidepost measures for assessing and reporting on progress. To access the tool, please visit the EbD Metrics Framework page.


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