Clinical Research Glossary

study statistician study statistician


A person who uses math to help design a study and interpret the data.

Example of study statistician in a sentence

The study statistician reviews and analyzes the data, and reports the results back to the study team.

More Info

Statisticians design studies to decrease bias and make the results as accurate as possible.

Before a study begins, a statistician can help the study team calculate how many participants should be enrolled so the research question can be answered.

A study statistician can analyze study data and present the results using numbers, charts, and graphs. Study statisticians are trained to figure out whether a result happened by chance or not.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You may hear that a study statistician is part of the research study and will work with the data collected during the study.

It is always fine to ask about who is working on the study and how your data are protected.

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