Clinical Research Glossary

study life cycle study life cycle


The steps of a research study from beginning to end.

Example of study life cycle in a sentence

The study life cycle refers to all the steps that go into developing and running a research study.

More Info

The steps of the study life cycle include: developing the study protocol and procedures, participant recruitment, screening, and consent, ongoing study procedures, follow-up, end of study procedures, and study close-out.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You might hear about the “study life cycle” when discussing the research process with a study team member. The term “study life cycle” is often used to describe the overall plan for the study.

As a participant, you are part of the study life cycle. If you join a study, your data are important for the study to be completed. Please feel free to ask the study team any questions you might have about the study.

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