Clinical Research Glossary

proxy proxy


A person who is legally allowed to make research decisions for someone else.

Example of proxy in a sentence

A proxy has legal permission to choose whether someone who cannot give informed consent on their own should be in a study.

More Info

A proxy can be a legal guardian or legally authorized representative (LAR).

A proxy can make decisions based on the wishes or best interests of the potential participant.

A proxy is permitted to sign a consent form on behalf of the study participant.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You may see or hear the word “proxy” used in cases when participants who are legally not able to make research decisions for themselves are being recruited into a study. For example, a proxy might be needed in a situation where someone has a head injury or is so sick that that they are not able to talk or sign the consent form.

If you are a proxy for someone else, feel free to ask the study team any questions you have about the research study.

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