Clinical Research Glossary

open-label open-label


A type of study where participants and research staff know which treatment participants are being given.

Example of open-label in a sentence

When a study treatment is open-label, participants know what they are taking.

More Info

Open-label studies are used in a number of settings, including to learn about the long-term effects of study treatments. Sometimes, it is impossible to mask which treatment a person will receive. Sometimes, participants who have finished the treatment part of the study keep sharing data so researchers can see how long the effects of treatment last.

Other info to think about when joining a study

Some research studies are investigating a treatment that is being given open-label, without masking what the participant is receiving.

If you are participating in a research study that is testing a study treatment, you can ask the study team whether you will be able to continue taking the treatment as an open-label use.

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