Clinical Research Glossary

mortality (rate) mortality (rate)


The number of deaths in a group of people over time.

Example of mortality (rate) in a sentence

The mortality rate in a study refers to how many people died over the course of the study.

More Info

The mortality rate is calculated by counting how many deaths occur in a group of people during an amount of time.

For example, if 6 people died in a study of 200 people, the mortality rate would be 3% (e.g., 6/200=3/100=3%).

Other info to think about when joining a study

In the clinical research context, the term “mortality rate” can be found in study descriptions. A study may look at ways to decrease the number of deaths (“mortality rate”) in a group of people or from a specific cause. The term may also be used to describe how many participants died over the course of the study.

If you see this term when you are reviewing a research document, you can always ask the study team about how it might be important for your participation in the study.

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