Clinical Research Glossary

experimental experimental

Something that is being tested in research but not yet proven.

Example of experimental in a sentence

An experimental medicine is studied before it is approved.

More Info

Experimental treatments go through research studies to make sure the risks and benefits to participants are better understood.

Before a drug, vaccine, or device is approved by regulators for a particular use, disease, or group of patients it is considered to be experimental.

Other info to think about when joining a study

Clinical research is designed to find out more about health, disease, prevention and treatment.

The word “experimental” may be used to describe what a research study is testing, for example an experimental treatment. This means that the treatment has not yet been proven or approved but there is reason to believe that it might work well.

Through research, experimental treatments can become approved treatments. If you have any questions about anything experimental in a research study, you should ask the study team.

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