Clinical Research Glossary

evaluate evaluate

To examine, review, and understand.

Example of evaluate in a sentence

A study team member will evaluate the effect of the study treatment at participant study visits.

More Info

The study doctor evaluates the participant‘s response and safety in order to decide whether to continue the participation in a research study. The researchers also evaluate the quality of the data from a study to analyze the outcome.

Other info to think about when joining a study

You may see the term “evaluate” if you look up your study on or in the consent form. You may hear about participants being evaluated during the study based on certain measurements. This term may also come up when talking about evaluating the safety or efficacy of a new therapy or device.

If the consent form talks about evaluating the participant, you may want to ask how they will evaluate you. Additionally, if the researchers are evaluating the efficacy or safety of a study treatment or device, you may want to know more about how they are going to do this and how the data will answer the study questions.

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