Clinical Research Glossary

contraindicated contraindicated

When things should not be used or done together because of possible harm.

Example of contraindicated in a sentence

Researchers make sure that study procedures are not contraindicated before a participant enrolls in a study.

More Info

Researchers carefully check whether participants are receiving treatment or have a condition that would be contraindicated for the study intervention.

For example, a study of high-protein diets is contraindicated in people with kidney failure because high protein might harm the participant’s kidneys.

An action or procedure could also be contraindicated in certain situations. For example, an MRI is contraindicated in someone who has anything metal in their body.

Other info to think about when joining a study

The study team may tell you there are certain medications you cannot take or foods you cannot eat while you are participating in the study because they are contraindicated. For your safety you may not be allowed to join a study because you have a condition that may be contraindicated.

Be sure to ask for clarification if you are unsure about what may be contraindicated. See if there is a list that you can keep that reminds you of what is contraindicated.

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