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Pediatric Research Informational Materials

The MRCT Center is developing a suite of educational materials for youth (age 12-17 and ultimately younger children as well) to address a gap in accessible existing information. This collection of brochures is intended to provide youth a foundation for conversations with researchers and staff, their doctors, family members, and others.

The materials will cover a range of specific topics for youth who are either involved or are thinking about becoming involved in clinical research. The brochures are drafted by student interns and reviewed by existing youth advisory networks. Our first brochure,  “Assent to Consent”,  is now available below and offers helpful information for youth who become a legal adult while enrolled in clinical research.

Stay tuned for additional brochures!

Who is this brochure for?
This brochure is for individuals who turned the age of a legal adult while enrolled in clinical research. This brochure can be easily adapted for different settings around the globe.

Who developed this brochure?
This brochure was developed by youth, reviewed by young people’s advisory groups and international stakeholders, and has earned a seal of approval from the International Children’s Advisory Network (iCAN).

What is this brochure about?
This brochure describes 1) the difference between assent and consent, 2) why the individual is now being asked to give consent to continue their participation in clinical research, 3) how consent is given, 4) how privacy is maintained, and 5) an individual’s rights as a research participant.