Incorporating Competencies Related to Project Management into the Joint Taskforce Core Competency Framework for Clinical Research Professionals


Published on: January 5, 2022

Published in: Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science

In 2014, the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency (JTF) published its Core Competency Framework. The Framework has been utilized internationally by academic institutions, corporate entities, professional associations, educational and training programs, and regulatory agencies and integrated into their activities. The JTF has continually updated and expanded the scope of the Framework to reflect changes in the scientific understanding and methodology utilized in conducting clinical research. In 2019, representatives from the Drug Information Association Professional Development and Project Management Leadership Communities approached the JTF reflecting the importance of clinical project managers and the project management skill set to the clinical research enterprise. In response, the JTF created a Project Management Competency Task Force to define and document these core competencies with recommendations for their inclusion as a revision to the Framework 3.0. Two new specific competencies with related examples were incorporated into Revision 3.1 and expressed at the Basic, Skilled and Advanced levels. In addition, the wording of several existing competencies was modified, and related examples added to reflect the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of clinical project managers.