Applying Health Literacy Principles to Clinical Research Studies: A Three-part Health Literacy Training

In the Spring of 2021, Sylvia Baedorf Kassis, MPH, Program Manager, facilitated a successful three-part virtual training entitled “Applying Health Literacy Principles to Clinical Research Studies” for clinical research professionals across the University of Utah.

The training covered:

  • Health Literacy 101: The focus of this session was on the ethics/principles of health literacy as applied to the entire clinical research life cycle, including an introduction to co-developing materials with participants.
  • Health Literacy in Action: The focus of this session was to expand on health literacy introduction to give specific examples of health literacy best practices applied to different types of research, including interventional and socio-behavioral studies. This session also included information on integrating participant feedback into the development and materials at various points across the clinical research life cycle (e.g., recruitment flyers, consent process, study questionnaires, study instructions, processes for pediatric studies, end of study communications).
  • Health Literacy and Returning Research Results: This session focused specifically on managing and sharing aggregate research results (i.e. plain language summaries) with study participants and the community. Considerations for individual return of results were also introduced.